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Tattoo Parties are not for the timid because they can get everyone involved. We actually have drawings for free tattoos and things during our parties.


Many people think a tattoo party is a “just come and wait for someone to get a tattoo” thing. Now you don’t really expect that, do you?


When you want a Tattoo party be prepared to pay the tattooist. Also be aware of any children around, as this is an adult party. Usually it is better to make arrangements to have children stay overnight at a friend’s house. Everyone will be more comfortable.


Tattoo parties can take place at a camp ground or at a house it’s really up to you. The options are limited only by your mind.


Travel time is a consideration when throwing a tattoo party also. Because if your guest are drinking you really don’t want a long drive home for them, do you?


Have a clean place for us to set up in. At homes this is usually the kitchen or dining room. We are real picky about cleanliness even at camping out parties. We can provide a application tent with screen so everyone can watch.


Also please be aware of those getting the tattoo and give them respect on their choices. Would you like to pick out a design, pay to have it applied. Then have someone come up and say something stupid? No, you wouldn’t, so keep that in mind with who you invite to your party.


Never hire anyone you are not comfortable with. We are master’s Tattooist and offer year of experience. We do hire other tattooist at time’s but you will never see a “kid” doing out tattoo’s. Exception is that once in a while we do allow younger “Student Tattooist” to learn on a simple design. These young people have to learn somewhere and philosophy is that if they are going to be a tattooist we want then trained right!


Always treat your tattoo like a minor surgery. Keep it clean and free from dirty environments. DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO TOUCH your tattoo while it is healing.